Monday, 12 April 2010

Two New Graphs...

These new graphs go back to 1st of March, and show the Labour and Conservative shares, together with the all-important lead. Error bars are also shown, indicating the 95% confidence intervals.

We can see that the lead was narrowest on the 5th March and 24th March, and highest on the 4th April. Since then, the lead appears to have narrowed...

The yo-yo effect on the Labour estimate is due to the wide variation in different pollsters' estimates, particularly as Harris and Opinium enter and exit the field. The pollsters are far more uniform in their estimates of the Tories' share.

Update: all three parties are now displayed on the same graph. At right there's an image illustrating how many seats the LibDems might win for various shares of the vote. It assumes whatever the LD vote share the Tories maintain a roughly five point lead over Labour.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Civil Servants and Politicians gear-up for a Hung Parliament...

On 24th February 2010 this select committee heard fascinating evidence from a series of civil servants and academics on the likely twists and turns leading to  government formation in the event of a hung parliament. Some questions remained unanswered (or even unasked) but one remarkable exchange at the beginning of the tape suggested that the Meeting of Parliament and the Queen's Speech could be postponed by proclamation - implying that a "defeated" PM could remain in office for a considerable period of time without facing any parliamentary test...

Altogether a remarkable insight into how seriously the Establishment is taking the prospect of a hung parliament, and how their priorities are:

i) the continuance of effective government in a time of uncertainty
ii) the protection of the Queen from controversy
iii) an attempt to codify the rules of the game of party political poker that would ensue.

Note that the wishes of the voters do not feature on this list. They would be deemed to have produced an indecisive result, and their further opinions would be considered redundant. The Establishment would facilitate the installation of any viable government.
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Sunday, 17 January 2010

I, the undermentioned, hereby give notice that...

Your Current Forecast

Why not play along with our seat-by-seat forecast? It works like this...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Introducing a New Graph...

Following on from the PB article in 2006, I have now refined the Battleground Graph to show the best visual estimate of election outcomes.

The differences are small but can be summarised as follows.